Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Without Further Comment

[posted by Callimachus]

Because none is needed:

In the USA, Freedom of Speech seems often discussed only when certain public persons say cuss words or sexual ones, or give unpopular opinions (to and about someone) or the haterati spews.

But what about protecting ‘freedom of speech’ for what many would call ‘good words,’ ‘informative words’ ‘evolutionary words’ that take current thought and either expand it for the good, or else criticize current crimes…all for humanity’s sake? To call such, protection for ‘political speech,’ does not speak to the heart of what Zakia Zaki was doing. She was speaking for the soul.

And now she’s dead. Shot to death yesterday, seven wounds while sleeping with her 20 month old son. In her bedroom, a few miles from Kabul. Her 3 year old son was also sleeping nearby. She is the young mother of six children. The news reports say the children were not harmed. But that means physically. Without their dear mother, with unbearable memory of what occured, it cannot be said ‘the children were not harmed.’

Would that ‘importing democracy’ to Afghanistan had saved Zakia Zaki. Miss Zaki, 35 years old, started her radio career eight years ago and began speaking on Peace Radio, funded by the US Government since 2001.


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