Saturday, June 02, 2007

Death of a(nother) Blogger

[Posted by reader_iam]

Steve Gilliard of The News Blog has died at 41 after battling illnesses for a long time.

This is the second blogger (and boy, were they different!--except in the ways they weren't) whose work I read regularly, and whose voices I appreciated quite apart from any agreements or disagreements, to have died untimely in the last few months. And it is the second time that I've been treated to goshawful/God awful (with "respect" to different constituencies) comments in comments sections attached to posts acknowledging the life and death of people with whom we share the 'sphere.

May I just say this, to anyone who, apparently, thinks of death (or sorrow, or regret, or life, or hope, or any of that sort of "big things") as a partisan opportunity: However "serious" you may be about whatever your point of view, you're not getting out of this life alive, either. Why turn the reality of your own dust into mud to be slung? (Impersonality is no excuse.)

To the family, friends and colleagues and more of this particular, unique person who was a family member, friend, and colleague and more: My prayers and thoughts are with you. I am sincerely sorry for your loss.

Steve Gilliard, RIP. And thanks for chiming in.

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