Sunday, June 03, 2007

Council Winners

[posted by Callimachus]

Here are the Watchers Council winners for the week of June 1.

First place in the council went to A Cure for “Anti-Zionism” by Joshuapundit, which posits this:

To put it simply, scratch an `anti-Zionist' and you almost never have to delve too deeply to find a Jew hater.

And concludes this:

So, what's the best way to deal with `anti-Zionism'? Simple - you don't `refute' it, since that kind of racism isn't something that can be `refuted' - you simply confront it head on, forcefully so that people that endorse this kind of tacit racism realize that while they certainly have the freedom to express any cockamamie ideas they might have, there are personal consequences not only for espousing these beliefs, but for enabling them in the name of `academic freedom' or political correctness or a `free exchange of ideas'.

Other votes went to Reflecting On 230 Years Of Blood and Sacrifice by Right Wing Nut House, a well-written meditation on Memorial Day:

But as it becomes more and more apparent that our adventure in Iraq will sputter to an unsatisfying and potentially dangerous conclusion, my thoughts turn to those who have given so much in a cause that while good and noble, was mismanaged by their political and military leaders. The abilities, the courage, and the dedication of our military people in Iraq has been horribly misused. And I can’t escape the feeling that many of them will hold resentments when this is all over – resentment towards people like me who stopped being a cheerleader and became a critic (the reasons aren’t important) or perhaps even resentment at a government that gave them a job to do and then lost its way as well as losing the support of the people.

Votes also went to Talking With the Bad Guys by Soccer Dad, about U.S. policy toward Iran and Syria; my own No Friend Left Behind (Update), which pleased me since I know it is not everyone's cup of tea on the council; and Mitt the Mormon by Bookworm Room.

Outside the council, the overwhelming winner was Sticking To What I Know Best by Dr. Sanity. You certainly don't have to agree with Dr. S's politics, in whole or in part, to be moved to indignation by the nasty, sexual condescending remarks thrown her way by certain men from a certain cultural background. I found her response to them spirited and worth supporting.

Votes also went to From the Mouths of Babes: Climate Analysis That Actually Works by Kobayashi Maru; Brave Men and Demons by Michael Yon; and Why Can't a Zionist Be More Like Iran? by Judeopundit.