Monday, July 02, 2007

About What You'd Expect

[posted by Callimachus]

There he goes again: Christopher Hitchens, saying those plainly obvious but very incorrect things about current events.

Only at the tail end of the [New York Times] coverage was it admitted that a car bomb might have been parked outside a club in Piccadilly because it was "ladies night" and that this explosion might have been designed to lure people into to the street, the better to be burned and shredded by the succeeding explosion from the second car-borne cargo of gasoline and nails. Since we have known since 2004 that a near-identical attack on a club called the Ministry of Sound was proposed in just these terms, on the grounds that dead "slags" or "sluts" would be regretted by nobody, a certain amount of trouble might have been saved by assuming the obvious. The murderers did not just want body parts in general but female body parts in particular.

But that's just a bloke speaking. For the real outrage, let's tune into the leftist feminist woman, who is duly outraged -- at Hitchens. Evidently because he doesn't like the Dixie Chicks. Who are, y'know, representing all women everywhere.

It’s nothing to brag about that you merely did your part to perpetuate women’s inequality in societies where they’re meant to be free instead of blowing them up.

Wasn't she supposed to be the reasonable one among the Edwards campaign bloggers? If so, I don't even want to know what the other one is saying now.