Tuesday, July 17, 2007

At This Hour

[posted by Callimachus]

Dymphna at Gates of Vienna really misses Minh Duc. Following the Senate Democrats in their meaningless all-nighter pajama party stunt while Iraq burns, boy, so do I. I got to know him through Vietpundit (whose silence I also lament). Minh Duc knew what happens to a place when America abandons it. He had to get out of one at risk of his life. We need his perspective now. As Dymphna reminds me, he once wrote this:

If this war is merely a waste of lives and treasure, you are honor-bound to stop it at all costs. So do it. Relive the 1970s. Show us that you accept the inevitable slaughter of millions as irrelevant so that we can all watch the evening news without being bothered. Prove that refugees dying on boats and in camps are merely pictures, and not men, women, and children possessed of human dignity, being tortured because the United States won’t live up to its promises. Remind the world again that we are a paper tiger, and then grieve when another embassy is held hostage.