Friday, July 06, 2007

Playing With Fire

[Posted by reader_iam]

Joe Biden refers to the Yearly Kos Convention as "the Daily Kos thing," which blooper doesn't escape scathing notice. As always, Matador Joe's timing is impeccable, what with the convention coming up at the beginning of August and his planning to attend and all. I mean, talk about waving a red flag! (Clumsily, too.)

Listen to yourself, Joe:
[Q:] Do you think in the era of YouTube and video cellphones, you can get away with being Joe Biden? ...
[A:] The answer is probably not. ...

Also, partly for the record and partly because I can't resist: MBNA, as a corporation, is no more, having been bought out by Bank of America. Might need to update the snark. Only sayin'.

Hat tip, Memeorandum.

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