Thursday, October 18, 2007

Do Ya Think?

Interesting hypothetical question (addressed to the snarky left) by Jeff G.:

Here’s a though experiment you might wish to try: ask yourself how you feel about the Buchananites and White Supremacists and the nativists who wish to see the US rid of the mongrels (kufr) who have diluted its cultural purity. Should, hypothetically, a band of 19 Aryans fly a bunch of planes into the heart of Mexico City — protesting how the Mexican government has foisted its immigration agenda onto the US in an attempt to one day take back California — would you be sympathetic to such arguments? Would Ward Churchill call all those who died in the attack “Little Eichmanns?”

Or would you each call them reactionary racists whose real goal was to gain power for themselves?

Don’t answer. That was rhetorical.