Thursday, April 03, 2008

Council Winners

Council winners have been posted for the week of March 28.

First place in the council went to Get Your Grim Milestone Today? from right here.

Votes also went to What Would You Do? at Bookworm Room, about the questions and the picture of American society and history raised by Obama's friend Rev. Wright; Beer-Soaked Politics at Cheat Seeking Missiles, a nifty little bit of mythbusting about gunboat diplomacy, suspension bridges, and North Korean beer; It's All in the Branding by Soccer Dad, about terrorists manipulating a Western media that is either guilty or gullible; and Question "Authority" at The Colossus of Rhodey about political agendas in comic books, which is one of those occasional posts I read from end to end and just about every fact in it is new to me.

Outside the council, the winner was another of Michael Yon's gripping accounts from the fight against al Qaida in western Iraq, Stake Through Their Hearts.

What we do know is that the truck continued toward the Blackhawk which was still on the ground. In the pilots’ seats, Gallagher and Gonzales could not see the truck because of the dust. Circling hundreds of feet above, pilot CW3 Moore was radioing to Gonzales to get off the deck because the truck was about to crash into his Blackhawk. Moore could not fly into a position where Fougere could shoot the Bongo with his machinegun; the Bongo was so close that Fougere would have had to fire through Chalk 1’s rotors. The Bongo came through the dust and SGT Ron Hinman, gripping his M240H saw the truck nearly on him, so close to the helicopter that Hinman had to press the butt of the machine gun down to lift the barrel up to point into the windshield. Hinman was ready to fire when an Iraqi soldier, apparently protecting the helicopter, rushed toward the truck, getting in front of Hinman’s gun. Just then, pilot Gallagher lifted off and began roaring away.

Nobody saw the third man in the back. The Bongo passenger had gotten out and was walking toward the Iraqi soldiers and the interpreter, who was screaming at the passenger to stop and get down. The man kept coming. The interpreter and two Iraqi soldiers closed in and tried to subdue the passenger. He detonated. Ball bearings ripped through flesh and zoomed off into the night as a fireball lifted into the moonlight, temporarily blinding Christian’s goggles hundreds of feet above in Chalk 2.

Votes also went to CAIR Exposed: Part 1, a documentary denunciation of the domestic Islamic advocacy group at The Investigative Project on Terrorism; Thoughts On Cheap Symbols of Patriotism by The Paragraph Farmer; The Showdown Cometh at Defence of the Realm, about the British role in the (then) looming battle for Basra, and Britain's Broken Heart by Melanie Phillips about the decline of a sense of national identity in Britain.