Friday, January 11, 2008

Council Winners

Watchers Council winners have been posted for the week of Jan. 11.

The winner in a landslide was Britain's Prosecution of The Blogger Lionheart for Criticism of Islam by Wolf Howling. It won deservedly, for the thoroughness of the presentation and the relevance of the issue to what we all do.

It also probably got a numbers boost because a few other submissions this week were in the context of endorsement of candidates for the White House. And there is no sort of agreement among council members on whom to support. I was one of the guilty ones, probably doubly guilty for submitting something favorable about one of the Democrats, which is a sort of kiss of death, I imagine.

Votes also went to Getting a "Clue" by Soccer Dad; The Cotton Candy Candidacy by Right Wing Nut House; Honor Killings? What Honor Killings? by Cheat Seeking Missiles; and Major Andrew Olmsted, R.I.P by Joshuapundit.

Outside the council, Andrew Olmsted's final, post-mortem post, at Obsidian Wings, was a natural winner.

The few votes that went elsewhere were divided among Orchestrated Circuses and Clowns by Dr. Sanity; Sen. Obama's Calls for Unity Are Not What They Seem by Dennis Prager, and 'Iron My Shirt': Media Fooled By Radio Stunters at Hillary Stop by Stop The ACLU.