Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Righteous Anger, Gauche Joy For Bush

Block one:

Tainted Love
You Oughta Know
Song For The Dumped

Block two:

Holy War
Never Satisfied

Wrap-up (for both your houses): The Bravery Of Being Out of Range

If you're incapable of "getting" implied punctuation, second definitions, plays on words, or irony redefined (as I've been so firmly told, yea, these many months, that it has been), please whine creatively, at least.

Update: It would be better if you can/could listen to the actual songs (which, of course, I've been doing today, along with others). However, I'd be the first to recognize that there ain't no utopia anywhere, no how and no way.

Fixed: Link to Matthew Sweet lyrics fixed; final snark deleted.