Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Blogosphere: Paperback Or Talkie?

Even I have yet to figure out a way to pack while reading, much less read while packing, so it's all about podcasts around here today. Which is how I came across a real gem from Victor Navasky, publisher emeritus of The Nation.

"... I believe that this new media [the blogosphere] is going to be like paperback instead of hardcover; it's going to extend the audience rather than replace it the way that talkies replaced silent movies."

Navasky was speaking first as part of a WGBH Forum Network panel titled "Democracy and the Press: The Role of Journals of Opinion," and I, of course, am picking up just a snippet of what he said, which largely had nothing to do with blogging.

But what he expressed in that snippet very much resonated with me and dovetails with my own view of the reality for the foreseeable future.

Back to the rest of the podcast and packing for me. But what do you think of Navasky's analogy? Got a better one of your own?