Friday, June 30, 2006

Catching Up

I'm in danger of falling behind on Watcher's Council winners. The new list is out, and I'll get those up soon. Here are the winners from June 23:

First-place winner in the council was The Iraqi Insurgency Has No Central Command by The Glittering Eye, which pulled together a great deal of research to make a strong case. I think Dave's right about this, but a great many people keep looking for a "turning point" in the death of this or that figure.

Also getting votes were Children in Danger From the UN by Gates of Vienna; We Have Guarded Iraq Well by The Sundries Shack; The Heartbreak of Dhimmi-itis... Work for the Cure by Joshuapundit; and The Spellings Report: An Open Invitation for the Secretary by The Education Wonks.

The non-council winner was The Jihadi Network's Fatal Flaw by The American Thinker.

Also getting votes were Srebrenica, Kosovo, Unknown by New Sisyphus; LEFTSPEAK -- Vol. I by The Dick List; Pinch v. Pinch by Big Lizards; and Bloody Day in Oaxaca by Mark in Mexico.