Saturday, June 10, 2006

An Answer

Whenever we walk to market on Saturday morning we have to run a gauntlet of the kind of people who are drawn by crowds. Sometimes there's a ranting homeless person. Usually there are peace people ("No Blood For Oil"). Always there are Jesus people. An amusing spectacle is when the out-of-town Jesus people try to witness to someone before realizing he's a street person. Locals actually stop and watch that.

There are two species of Jesus people: Bullhorn Jesus and Tract Jesus. Usually we get Bullhorn Jesus in these parts. But today it was Tract Jesus.

They're politer, usually New Order Mennonites of some sort, but somehow blowing by them with a simple "No, thank you" didn't seem sufficient. Especially because they were at every corner and we had to turn them down four times going in and four times going out. At least the Bullhorn Jesus only hits you from one spot.

So I thought of this response to, "Would you like some Bible literature?"

I believe the Lord made me an atheist for a purpose.

It buys you enough time to slip away.