Monday, July 03, 2006

Cleaning Out Historic Invaders

Of the vegetative type.

With Cal around, this is likely the closest to a post on history you'll ever get out of me. Or on plants--invasive or otherwise--for that matter. But I found the interweaving of topics in GreenmanTim's post fascinating, especially this:
...Gettysburg with barberry is not the historic landscape it seeks to preserve and robs us of our shared heritage.

It is very hard to remove vegetation and kill animals within National parks. The mandate for historic preservation also encompasses protecting the entire flora and fauna of these places as well, and until the threat of invasive species was widely recognized it was difficult for land managers to get authority to control these plants on National park lands. The current leadership at Gettysburg Military Park is committed to both ecological and historic reclamation... .

Don't think I'll ever look at historic sites or certain types of paintings again without wondering. Cool! Ain't reading blogs grand, some days?

Hat tip.