Saturday, July 01, 2006

What I Want For Christmas (In July)

Digital-scribbling capability, in pen form.
... The device looks like a slightly plump ballpoint, and works like any ballpoint. But inside this gadget are a tiny camera and an optical sensor that record the pen's motions as he writes, and a microprocessor that digitizes the words, sketches and diagrams that the optics detect.

When he docks the pen in its cradle connected to a USB port, the handwritten notes flow in a digitized stream into his computer and are processed by software, reappearing almost immediately on his monitor in his handwriting. "All the notes I've written are sucked into the computer, and there they are on the screen," he said.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, do I love this idea. How about you?

Alas, both Mr. Claus and I agree: No dice on moving up Christmas this year. The elf's tuition payments start up again this month, and here we are at the start of our annual visit East. This is no time to get all impulsive.

Still ... I rarely lust after technology I know I darn well I don't need. If only cool stuff were as cheap as dreams.