Monday, July 03, 2006

In Short, Americans Suck

So think the Brits.
In answer to other questions, a majority of the Britons questions described Americans as uncaring, divided by class, awash in violent crime, vulgar, preoccupied with money, ignorant of the outside world, racially divided, uncultured and in the most overwhelming result (90 percent of respondents) dominated by big business.

I might take this more seriously if divided by class weren't in that string of unlovely descriptions, among a couple of other laugh-out-loud hypocrisies.

I wish my British grandfather (who became a U.S. citizen, while retaining a deep love for his native land), were still alive to guffaw along with me over a few of these!

You know what, Britons? Look in your own mirror, will ya? Seems to me you have enough to do, what with redefining free speech in ways which U.S. extremists on both sides could only dream of at present, fighting to protect the rights of burglars and others against misguided property owners, implementing government databases to track the vegetable intake of children, and--a minor issue--coping with your own disaffected "minority" populations. Among other things.

There was a time when I would have given this much more credence, and even been a bit upset. Sadly, that time passed long, long ago (meaning, before the new millenium).

And doesn't it just figure that the results of this newspaper poll come out just in time for the Fourth of July? Man, that's not even subtle.