Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Many Prints Of Dwayne Hickman

Cal posts about his latest adventures in spam, I respond in comments, and the next thing you know, here I am linking this online gallery and sharing with you the following Things I Did Not Know:

A leading authority on color stability and image permanency and preservation operates out of Grinnell, Iowa. (Wouldn't Henry Wilhelm be a cool person to interview?)

Bill Gates has millions and millions of historical photographs "buried" under a Pennsylvania mountain.

"Zelda Gilroy" went on to graduate first in her class at Harvard Law School and is now a California state senator.

"When Rolling Stone magazine asked Bob Dylan where he got the inspiration for "If Dogs Run Free", he said "I wanted to get that Krebs sound, you know, with the girls in the back, 'Like What?' "

All this--and more!--just because Cal decided to blog his e-junkmail. Ain't the internet grand?