Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Far Out (Outta Sight!)

[Posted by reader_iam]

Well, this post is sure overdue! Interesting week, this past one, IRL. Anyway:

Kevin of My Thinking Corner, after linking to one of Kat's pieces out of what he himself described as "fairness," exchanged comments with her in the comments section of this post of his. Just a few days later, he had the following to say, in a post titled "Lest We Go too Far in Our Opposition to Bush’s Iraq Policy":
...Kat’s story has convinced me that the efforts of the contractors haven’t received enough attention from the main stream media. A simple way to prove this is to try and think of one single project. Take a few minutes, I’ll wait. Now look on CNN.com.
... However, Kat hasn’t changed my mind about the strategies of Mr. Bush and Mr. Rumsfeld. ...
...The world is much more complicated than that and fairly often, we are actually the good guy.

Reasonable people can disagree. And even agree! And then disagree. Or agree! Wait...agree and disagree? At the very same time? Reasonable people can even hold--wait for it--two opposing thoughts in their minds at the same time.

What a shocking concept. Except--it really isn't. Betcha the linked blogger--whom I've now added to my personal blog-reading list, regardless of any points of agreement or (and?) disagreement--gets that, exactly.

Do you?