Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mommier Than Thou

[posted by Callimachus]

I'm generally not interested in pouring my fuel on the phony fire of the Boxer v. Rice kerfluffle, except to note that seems to be the distaff side of our old bugaboo the chickenhawk meme.

One of Andrew Sullivan's remaning conservative (or possibly libertarian) readers does get it, though:

Your reader wrote about the "human element" of watching your child go off to war and how that is relevant to governmental policy decisions. Fair enough. Then should any elected official have a say in public education if their children go to private school? How many of these phony Democrats who are "for the little guy" actually educate their children in the public schools they purport to believe in? Hello, Kerry, Edwards, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Clinton, et al?

Or should any of them have a say in welfare policy? How many actually are punitively subjected to the ravages of a bunch of lazy malcontents sitting around their neighborhoods while they go to work at low paying jobs that disqualify them from receiving public entitlements (but yet have to live with the crime and nonsense that goes with the neighborhoods where such conditions exist). This is fun!!! Want some more? OK. Why should any elected official get to have a say or vote on immigration and border enforcement issues if they don't reside in the border states where the destruction of open borders have made regions of the US almost unidentifiable as America anymore.

I'm afraid the chickenhawk meme has become to entrenched in mainstream Democratic discourse that it tumbles out the senator's mouth without her brain being aware what a vile toad it is.