Sunday, January 28, 2007

To Air is Human

[posted by Callimachus]

MTak is not minding his anti-war overlords. He wants to "set aside Mr. Bush," along with a lot of other straw dummies he likes to punch up without naming (who is this "Rightosphere" guy who says all these stupid things?) and "give [the surge] a couple of months."

Mr. Bush's enablers did their best to keep us on the path to defeat. We, the rational and patriotic war critics of all parties, can claim credit for this change ....

[Oh, dear, can I assume, based on what he writes, that I'm irrational, unpatriotic, and determined to chauffeur America to defeat?]

What M. Talk doesn't seem to realize is that, since he once supported the war against Saddam and derided its opponents, and he now derides the war against Saddam and supports its opponents, that doesn't entitle him to an opinion. In the eyes of his new allies, it entitles him to a long stay in a political re-education camp.

Just consider some of the comments Dan Drezner got when he recently issued his own mea cupla for his opinions in 2003:

So, dear readers, I definitely erred in the arguments I made in 2002 and 2003. I have and will try to do better. Bear in mind, however, that when it comes to foreign policy prognostications, better is a relative term.

He, and any who sympathized with him, were told:

You all need to go back to school and take some philosophy and literature courses.

... You played fast and cheap with life, and now you need to do penance.

How you can start: look in the mirror and say, "Bush, Cheney, etc. are cynical, selfish criminals, and I abetted them, and I will never be so sloppy and careless again."

Penance! MTak, Penance! Down on your knees, sinner. Your new snark-and-rage commissars will tell you when you are fit to stand again, much less to speak and be heeded. Until then, giving "a chance" to anything Bushco. does, and urging others to do so, is not going to shorten your suffering.

[And you wonder why some people are just not so eager to admit mistakes, even if they know perfectly well they've made them.]

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