Saturday, February 03, 2007

Apology [Updated]

[Posted by reader_iam]

I am on the homestretch today for a meeting tonight which represents the convergence and results of multiple deadlines toward which I have been toiling recently (among other things, I've been working on slideshows, presentations, written material and the demo of a portal website I'm developing). In that context, I am hoping I will be forgiven for, upon checking the comments sections here at DWM through the Haloscan comments-management interface this morning, launching too quickly a seek-and-destroy mission against all the spam I found. (We are going through one of those periodic onslaughts, which I zealously attempt to nip in the bud.) In doing that--admittedly pre-caffeine, a big no-no--I accidently deleted a number of "real" comments.

If you were one of my victims this morning, I apologize. Please post your comments again, if you want to, and I promise I'll stay away from "delete" and "report spam" until things calm down around here.


Added: And by the way, can I be really trivial and vain for just a minute? I'm feeling exceptionally put out at myself this morning for not scheduling a hair appointment for this week, as I intended. I'm not sure whether I've actually sprouted more gray hairs over the past several days, or if it's just the nerves speaking. And what's with the three new wrinkles I swear I'm seeing today? (They contrast so nicely with the two new blemishes that formed overnight.) Maybe I should reconsider the concept of Botox. Since I'm on a roll, I might as well go ahead and mention that I've decided I really dislike the outfit I'd selected for tonight. Which means I need to add either doing a load of laundry or a quick shopping trip to my to-do list today.

God, I hate it when I get like this.

Updated: And in the middle of all this running around and last-minute uploading and tweaking and calling the hosting company to increase server space to something near what they were supposed to give us, my son comes up to me and asks sweetly:
"Mom? I have a question. Do you like Dad and me even more than God? Or is it, like, kind of the same thing?

What a day!

Acknowledging: Hours later, I moved a question mark, added a period, and changed the case of one letter here. So shoot me. It's bothered me for hours and hours and hours, but I was in no position--given that my laptop was connected to a projection screen--to fix it earlier.

So it goes. (And suck it up... .)