Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Dumb Thing That Makes Me Happy [Updated]

[Posted by reader_iam]

Being able to consume bloggingheadstv as a podcast, preferably Airported through the living room speakers (downstairs) or via the Bose Sounddock upstairs (or, no doubt, through the car speakers on long drives).

I guess I'm more a bloggingmouths kind of gal. A quick glance at the heads, just enough to get the faces in my mind, is enough for me. Then I like to go do stuff with my hands while these people try to do stuff with my head.


[Added:] You know, it's a funny thing, that bit about wanting to see the faces, just for minute or two. When I think about it, my preference (though in recent years I often have been unable to indulge it) is to have at least one conversation with a writer before I have to edit his or herself work. Just enough to get the voice and cadence in my mind!

Why don't I experience a similar pull to see a painter at work, before touring an exhibition? Why don't I feel the need to watch a musician play before I listen to a CD? Why don't I prefer to watch a behind-the-scenes documentary about a director before I watch a film?

Just reading (as distinct from editing) doesn't spark the same phenomenon, either. In fact, with regard to fiction, specifically (poetry, but only sometimes, excepted), hearing the author talk has often, somehow, diminished the reading experience for me. I love BookTV and watch it often. I think I'd avoid a "fiction" version of that channel like the plague.

Blogging, oddly, seems to be in a different category. I don't feel the need to hear a blogger's voice or see a picture to enjoy, or appreciate, their blog (unless they go on BHTv!). It's not a negative, for me, if I have no clue about their real-life presentation. At the same time, I do seem to significantly more enjoy a blog once I've heard the voice behind the print.

Well, what can I say? I did assign the label "Quirks" to this post.

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