Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Nasty Blog Comments May Save Lives! [Updated]

[Posted by reader_iam]

My favorite comment of the day, attached to a newspaper editorial about bloggers needing a code of conduct and appearing in the (Moline, IL) Dispatch and Rock Island Argus (who says that smaller media--and their readers--don't pay any attention to blogs, hmmm?--though, with regard to this topic, they may be a bit behind the curve):
Code of conduct? Nonsense. All you do-gooder types who think these forums are for advancing knowledge and understanding are sheep.
These blogs are for letting off steam and lightening up your day reading the moronic "ooh, look at me, I have a valid point of view" entries.
Who knows how many office-place killings have been diffused through the ability of readers to post inflammatory comments and get it out of their system?
It's like graffiti, only no one has to scrub down the walls.
The real problem is the editors who have been selected to filter stuff out, only to have their own subjective opinions of propriety rule over the common blogger who just wants to rant or satirize.
The Des Moines Register has the best blog entries - they are virtually unedited.
But then again, they're a real newspaper, unlike this fish-wrapper.
[Emphasis Added.]
Well, in that case, fire away!

Sure beats the irony defense, anyway.

Updated: Wait, wait! I've got it! (I mean, I get it.) This is the meaning of the Althouse vortex. She is saving lives!

I mean, can you imagine what people might be doing otherwise?

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