Friday, July 20, 2007

Council Winners

[posted by Callimachus]

Watchers Council winners have been posted for this week.

First place in the council went to Harry Potter and Ostrich Syndrome by Bookworm Room, which puts forth an argument that might seem to run somewhat counter to the usual conservative view of pop culture: "In the last five years, through a series of rousing movies and books, our children have been introduced to some of the best conservative thinking ever put to paper or put on film."

Second place was a three-way tie between Are Conservatives Really Hoping for Another 9/11?, a brave post by Right Wing Nut House -- Rick thinks deep down some of them would find it a quick path to validation at a time when all seems lost, and I'm inclined to agree; A President's Legacy Quick Fix Playground -- The Middle East by Soccer Dad, which scores Bush's rush to peace in the Mideast; and my piece against the argument that goes "terrorists kill people; peanuts kill people; why should we be more alarmed by terrorists than we are by allergies?"

Votes also went to Pope Reaffirms Teachings of Vatican II (UPDATED) by Rhymes With Right, which did a useful job of putting a theological issue into perspective for us non-Catholics, or perhaps non-seminarians; and to Bush Muzzled Sturgeon General -- Thank God! by Big Lizards.

Outside the council, the winner was Myths and Realities of the George Bush Presidency at TCS Daily.

Votes also went to Politics of Terror Reign Supreme at All Things Beautiful; Preventing the West from Understanding Jihad at American Thinker; Keith Ellison and the "Reichstag" at FrontPage Magazine; and a piece that tickled my fancy, A Petition asking Whittington to Apologize at