Saturday, July 07, 2007

What Gets Labeled As "Breaking" News These Days

[Posted by reader_iam]

Durex is looking for unpaid condom-testers.
Durex said 200 adult Australians - men and women - are wanted to test a range of its condoms.

While the successful applicants will not be paid, each will receive a pack of Durex sex products, a chance to win 1,000 Australian dollars ($857 U.S.), plus professional prestige, the company said in a statement.

"Who wouldn't want to have a chance with an actual authorized professional?" Durex marketing manager Sam White asked.
I expect the applicant pool to overflow, even if, in this case, it doesn't pay to be a professional.

And who wouldn't what to read the applications of "hopefuls" and see how they pitch their expertise? Anyone want to offer some boilerplate?

Hat tip.

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