Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Council Winners

Watchers Council winners for the week of November 9 have been posted.

First place in the council went to Courts v. Terrorism = Wile E. Coyote v. Road Runner by Big Lizards.

Votes also went to Unsex Me... Not by Soccer Dad; Greenie Insanity and the Santiago Fire by Cheat Seeking Missiles; and Has Musharraf Come To a New Agreement With the Islamists In Pakistan? by Joshuapundit.

Outside the council, the winner was A Great Shifting of the Winds by Eternity Road.

Votes also went to Thompson Goes Electric... at RealClearPolitics; Condi Rice Is Not Tom Brady at Israel Matzav; Clinton & Bush Both Thrown a Curveball on Iraq? by The Anchoress; Rockville's Bike Bridge To Nowhere by Pillage Idiot; Neo-Soviet Russia Obliterates Its Internet by Publius Pundit; and Hypocrisy or Decency? The Left's Dirty Little Secret at Right Wing News.