Thursday, August 03, 2006

Catching Up

Here are the Watchers Council winners for the week of July 28. Mideast War issues naturally dominated:

First place went to A Perspective on Tribes and Anti-Semitism by ShrinkWrapped.

Also getting votes were As Old as the Garden of Eden by Gates of Vienna; Of Vice and Men from right here; UN Observers Wouldn't Know a Hizbullah Missile If It Hit Them by AbbaGav; Redefining Parental Rights: The Latest Battle by The Education Wonks; and Richard Cohen Soils Himself by Joshuapundit.

Outside the council, the winner was Mayhem at the Defend Hizballah Rally! by my long-time blog-friend Solomonia; good for him!

Also getting votes were Worst Case Scenario: Hezbollah's Conventional Forces by Counterterrorism Blog; Uppity Puppets Need Not Apply by Pundita; He Said/He Said (UPDATED) by WuzzaDem; It Ought To Be Disproportionate by Israel Matzav; Why Richard Cohen Should Be Fired Today by The American Thinker; and Failure to Solve Palestinian Question Empowers Iran by Mark Steyn in the Chicago Sun-Times.

And here are the winners for July 2:

First place within the council went to When History Bites Back by Joshuapundit.

Also getting votes were Blogging for Dummies Like Me by The Sundries Shack; The Limits of Intelligence by ShrinkWrapped; and Kennedy in Berlin by Done With Mirrors.

Outside the council, first place went to Wither the 'Democratization Strategy'? by TigerHawk.

Also getting votes were Beheading Nations -- The Islamization of Europe's Cities by Dhimmi Watch; Understanding Hezbollah’s Rockets: Katyushas and the Failed Westphalian System by Austin Bay Blog; Tweaking the Map: Texas Redistricting by; and (Elements of) the Final Solution by Protein Wisdom.