Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Someone Oughta Be Redfaced

Can someone please explain to me what this picture of Joe Lieberman in blackface is supposed to signify? And why Jane Hamsher and the Huffington Post thought posting it was a good idea?


UPDATE: Callimachus points out that the photopshopped picture has been removed from the post. That's good, given that it never should have been there to begin with. Notably, however, there's no additional acknowledgment of its previous existence, much less an explanation or update from Ms. Hamsher or Huffpo administrators. Perhaps they hoped that nobody would notice or that they shouldn't have to explain this one. But removing the picture is only half of what's called for.

For that reason, I'm linking to a post (which I didn't see before posting originally) with a screenshot indicating what was silently "disappeared" and repeating my questions of above: What was this supposed to mean and why did Jane Hamsher and Huffpo think it was OK to post it?

Update II: Hamsher speaks. Some of the comments are priceless for different reasons, especially 39, 42, 64, 85, 86, and 99 (almost above all, 99--but only almost, given the irony of the 8-'s).

Watcha think?