Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Happy Birthday, Elf

Back in the technological dark ages, 30 years ago, when someone like me was thrilled with the availability of hand-held calculators and correcting typewriters and the Sony Walkman was but a faint twinkle in Akio Morito's eye, my more technical and far-seeing peers were inspired by an article in Popular Mechanics to build an "Elf" of their own. Apparently, some people are still recalling the thrill, which, for some reason, I find quite endearing--maybe because I'm thinking now of people of whom I lost track long ago, and imagining them sometimes still puttering around with 1802-based technology, just for the fun of it.

And, yeah--time sure as heck does fly.

Update: Bill reminds me that MTV is 25 years old, though it's not making a big deal about it.

Sheesh, it must be feeling old, too.

(I'm headed to the beach tomorrow; I can already tell it's going to be more one of those sit-and-look-pensively-at-the-waves experiences than a prance in surf.

Damned nostalgia.)