Monday, July 03, 2006

Lieberman's Loss

Joe Lieberman's decided to hedge his bets, and, in the event, I feel the same way now as I did in mid-June, but without the reservations and softening qualifiers.
The other thing that's a bit wince-inducing for me is the picture of Lieberman running a drive for the signatures need to put him on the ballot as an Independent in the main election at the very same time he'll need to be campaigning--and hard--to win the Democratic primary on Aug. 8. Not so much because it might make Lieberman appear "weak," as the article suggests, or even underconfident, but more because it almost makes him look a bit of the bully. I mean, in effect, isn't he telling registered Democrats that it doesn't really matter what they do or what they want, he's going to be their next Senator, come hell or high water?

The Mighty Middle is even more scathing.