Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rant du Jour

[posted by Callimachus]

The rant of the day comes from the aptly named Spleenville, and includes this passage:

I can get the attraction to Communism and its adherents — it was ostensibly all about the brotherhood of man, and raising the worker from oppression, and freedom from the shackles of conformity and poverty, and so on and so forth. In other words, it talked a great game about giving people more freedom, more progress into a better life in the here and now. Sure, it turned out to be a pack of lies, but they were such pretty lies.

But I don’t get for one minute what is the impetus behind the slavish adoration the liberal intelligentsia in the West has decided to give the Muslim terrorist groups. It is beyond me. I can just barely get the attraction to old-style desert-life Arabs, with their flowing robes and pretty writing and the vision of a long train of camels with their riders fading into the distant past… all the Lawrence of Arabia bullshit. But the crass, crude, barbaric reality of the members of these modern terrorist groups smashes those pretty and wispy dreams to pieces. We’re talking urban men, men who wouldn’t know what to do with a camel if it spit on them, men who shave their crotches before going off to fly planes into buildings, men who are so anally retentive that they freak out if their coworker has a ceramic pig figurine on her (her! the infidel whore! she should be home serving her man!) desk, men who — in a final destruction of the vision of a Saracen in his gleaming cuirass wielding a scimitar that shines like the moon and can slice a hair up the middle — murder their captives by sawing at their necks with butcher knives. These are not your glamorous, exotic Arabs of yore. These are the drooling, six-fingered, rusty-pitchfork-carrying rednecks of every progressive liberal’s nightmares, only with brown skin, dark eyes, and Middle Eastern accents.

And I say “men” advisedly. Despite the Muslim women the press has been careful to seek out and “give equal voice to” is anyone really fooled about the actual worth a woman’s word is given in current Muslim culture? This is a religion where it takes what — two women, is it, for their word to mean as much as one man’s? Yet liberal women spend most of their breath screeching about how awful the Republican rightwinger Christians are.

Speaking of religion — these people even embody every liberal progressive activist’s idea of anathema: they are religious fanatics who insist that not only is the Sky Ghost they worship real, but that everyone in the world must worship this Sky Ghost in the same exact fashion that they do, or be killed! This is a bit harsher than having to endure your Pentecostal aunt’s disapproval of your lesbian lifestyle, but again, guess what is considered much more heinous in the eyes of Western libtards: people who refuse to back gay marriage are worse than people who kill gays buy pushing stone walls on top of them. (Not even the irony of the “stone wall” being used as a method of execution for homosexuals pierces their carapace. Well over here, honey, I noticed for you.)