Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Purge

[posted by Callimachus]

So after the next election, how far down will the knives reach? Bush-haters fancy international trials and imprisonment for Dubya, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and in some cases Rice. Some talk about torture and rendition as appropriate retribution. They think Tony Snow deserves cancer for taking a job as White House spokesman. Matthew Dowd wants to go back to the Democrats, and a typical response in a blog comment is this:

This is a very important point that has to be stressed over and over. The water carriers, brownshirts and fascist toadies that enabled and nurtured the most despicable crew of lying, murderous sociopaths the world has ever seen must never. get. off. the. hook.

If we want any kind of decent future we have to make sure those helpmaids never get away with what they did, otherwise it'll be done again and again. Now that remorse has set in we have to shove it down their throats and up their asses and never, ever let them forget what they did.

Others, more generous, debate how much crawling and groveling and writhing should be demanded.

I read all that and I wonder where the line is drawn in people's minds, or if they've drawn a line at all. And I wonder what Matthew Dowd expected, trying to cozy up to folks like this:

Sorry all you "conserves" out there, but I hafta' say that G.W. needs to just fuck off and die already! I'm still trying to figure out what f'n rocks all these republican votes crawled out from... obviously they must've been mansion-esque rocks with backyard swimming pools 'cuz ANYONE who voted for Bush [and I mean ANYONE!] who may possibly EVER need any form of assistance with their health, shelter, or sanity for that matter just fucked him/herself right up the ass [along with donkey-punching the rest of who know better as well - thanks!] ... I don't get it, but I guess some people must just like it that way... aaarrrrggggghhhhhh!

Or this:

Draft the children of anyone who voted for Bush in 2004. And that includes Jenna and Barbara.

Or this:

Arrogant shithead redneckers and stupid NASCAR fucks all.

One word to any conservative who thinks Bush is doin a "helluva job" and to anyone who voted for Bush in 2004:

Shut your holes, drop dead and then rot fuckers.

Or this, from a post listing people who ought to be sent to fight in Iraq, including Ann Coulter, because "At the very least we could use her as a diversion and storm insurgent strongholds while the guards are busy gang raping her."

Anyone who voted for Bush in 2000 should fork over $20 a week to help pay for this mess. And anyone who voted for Bush in 2004 should fork over and additional $100 a week. It's less than child support and just as much your responsibility.

Or this:

I think castration is a perfectly viable punishment for anyone who voted Bush in 2004.

We here already have been fingered by some of our various commenters as "water carriers, brownshirts and fascist toadies" and the like. Tell me again why I should listen to the advice from these people and vote accordingly, because they were "right" about Iraq?